18 October 2014

15 Minute Challenge

Kate has brought back the 15 minute challenge a bit differently.  We only report twice a month which is fine.

I really haven't been trying even though I have done something every day for the last 2 weeks, its amazing what happens when a few things slow down, especially the day job and then I feel like doing some stitching in the evening.

Achievements this month: I haven't actually finished anything major but have moved along on a couple of ongoing projects and started a X Stitch.

  1. Started new Blackbird Xstitch which is inspired by the anniversary of the Beatles appearing on a TV show in the US.  I have 3 patterns and I have started on Elinor Rigby because I had suitable colours in the thread stash to start.
  2. Finished half the flying geese blocks to finish my appliqué quilt
  3. Finished cutting out Metro Twist Quilt
  4. Finished 1 block for the Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler (only 5 more to go).  Hoping to report all the blocks finished next time. 
  5. Finished Class samples for a class to be taught but looks like the class will be cancelled, but shop will purchase patterns so not all is lost.  
You can join the linky party here.

15 October 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 3 and 4

Woke up this morning and realised that I had forgotten to set up a scheduled post last night.  Sorry guys.  So with out further ado here are blocks 3 and 4.

These are 9 patches and they had a similar look and feel but the cross units are different and I introduce another shortcut to make the hour glass blocks.

I find it is best to join 9 patches in rows and with careful pressing of your seams and the unit intersections your blocks will go together easily.

Block 3 is a variation of a block called Blueberry Pie and Block 4 is my variation on Contrary Wife which I am sure my husband will agree with.

Block 3

Block 4

You can download instructions for the blocks here

13 October 2014

Holidays are over once again

And routine is returning to the household.  Squid had a pupil free day today so she starts back tomorrow.  Even though I work most holidays it is good to come home and not have to rush anywhere and now we have daylight saving so it feels like there are so many more hours in the day.
However thoughts of summer appears to have deserted us today with the temperature dropping to 14 degrees today, can't believe just a couple of days ago it was 33 and the kids were swimming at the beach.

We had a luna eclipse the other night, I had the camera out and got a few shots most weren't that good.  It was a bit chilly out and I ended up giving up about half way through the proceedings.  Here are the best of my shots which look a bit blurry I was a bit hampered by street lights and the townhouses next door.

My applique quilt is moving along slowly but I am enjoying the process.    I have started on the flying geese border and half the required geese have been stitched.  I need to make the negative ones, these are all cut out ready to stitch.    I am kind of glad that my appliqué class got cancelled because I would have just rushed to get this quilt finished if it had gone ahead and I think I have done a better job by not rushing and pushing myself which at this time of year with my day job isn't a good thing.  

I think I will end up writing the pattern to this quilt  which means Squid can't have it for a little while yet, but as she already has a quilt on her bed so I am sure she can wait.

I've also now been asked to take on more work with my day job for our Head Office, it will be different work from what I do for the branch and it is helping out with IT.  They are happy for me to do this from home as I really didn't want to increase me hours in the office as it means I wouldn't be able to pick up and drop kids off at school and their sport commitments.  The boss sees it as a win win situation as it will also mean that I can work from home when the kids get sick.

In other news I will be teaching my Forest of Tree Ornies at Patchwork By Sea on the 1st of November so contact the shop if you are in Adelaide and would like a fun day of stitching and ornie making.  These also make great gift tags for pressies.  I am currently stitching alternative colour versions from some Lynnette Anderson Christmas Fabric and they are going to look lovely in burgundy thread.  I have posted a few pictures on instagram head on over and check them out.

The Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 3 and 4 instructions are all written up and are ready to be posted on Wednesday so make sure you have downloaded last months instructions prior.

Remember to let me know if you have any questions and send me photo's of your finished block and I will post them on the blog.

Just a reminder

I planned to do a blog post all weekend but I was sewing and doing housework instead.  So all this is, is a reminder to get your Sampler Blocks 1 and 2 downloaded the instructions come down in 2 days and the next 2 blocks will be released.

06 October 2014

Amazing Day

We have been talking for months about having a sewing day.  Every couple of weeks I meet up with my quilting buddies, we have coffee, chat and generally catch up with stuff including quilting but it doesn't involve sewing anymore as it all gets too hard sometimes.

As footy is finished, maybe forever except for Crow games I decided to put it on the agenda again and yesterday was the day.  I got a leave pass from the family and headed off with 3 projects because I couldn't decide.  DH made the comment that we would probably just talk all day.   Lots of chatting was to be had but lots of sewing too.

You will be pleased to know I did another block of the sampler, the girls got a sneak peak of all the blocks I have completed and gave it the stamp of approval.  I showed them my appliqué quilt, more oohs and ahhs so maybe it is on the right track also.  I then started on my Metro Twist cutting, because I was a little unsure how to go with this and Helen had done  class on the ruler I thought it would be good to have her give me some tips.

I finished one block and then cut the rest of the quilt out.    One amazing day and I think we will be planning more because it is so much better to share the creative air and bounce ideas off each other.  It did take me quite a bit to pack the car in the morning and unpack it last night but it was well worth it.

02 October 2014

Sampler Blocks to Share

Mrs Pyjamas sent me pictures of her blocks today.  I think it is going to be amazing seeing all the different variations of the theme.

Its not too late to join in original post is here and get all the details of what you need are here you have until midnight on the 14th of October to get block 1 & 2 for free then you can get them from my etsy shop for $3.

And don't forget if you have a questions drop me an email and you can send me your block photo's if you don't have a blog.

28 September 2014

The Perfect Storm

It's been another busy week.  This week every September is the busiest week for the year at work,  I keep the office rolling while the boss goes visits all our biggest clients, preparing all the paperwork for all this is very time consuming.  Usually it involves more interstate travel for him but it hasn't been so bad this year for one reason or another.  I haven't felt much like stitching when I get home though I did manage a few leaves on the border just a few more to go and that section will be finished.

Another thing on the agenda for this week was Maestro's 14th birthday party.  His birthday is still a couple of weeks away but he decided he wanted a AFL Grandfinal party for some of his friends.  There was originally a guest list of 6 but that grew to 11 by the end of last week,  I was kinda of dreading the chaos that a dozen 14 years olds could unleash but we did survive.

There was a very little bit of football watching, computer games, some eight ball, table tennis, pin the porcupine on the pineapple tree (don't ask where that comes from), watching a few Youtube videos, then back for who could can eat the donut hanging from the washing line the quickest, a balloon popping relay and last but not least a charades game using an iPad app which was nearly as noisy as the balloon popping relay.  The afternoon was very busy, very noising but the kids seem to have lots of fun.  We finally got rid of the last kid at 8 o'clock (party finished at 6pm).  Poor Squid hardly had time to touch the pillow and she was out DH & I weren't long behind her.

Now I get to the title of the story.  The Perfect Storm that is was a postage delivery storm.  We all love happy mail and I had lots of it on Friday.  The only problem is DH had a sick day, he is still struggling with that bug that we had the other week and he decided 3 days at home might just kick the end of it.

The normal mail guy arrived with a large envelope with a pattern I had ordered (research you understand).  Next  a courier arrived with my Moo cards which should have come weeks ago but had to be reprinted because they went missing and then Moo kindly sent them by express and they arrived Friday morning.  The guy remarked that there usually isn't anyone home to sign her and DH told him "She is always buying something so I am not surprised" DH asked me if I was on first name basis with the courier guy and I looked at the package and I can't honestly remember receiving anything coming from that Courier Company before.  Lastly (at least I was home to usher it into the door before DH saw)  came my Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Adjustable Square which was delivered in a huge box to keep it safe.  I had been waiting a couple of weeks for this item as it had to be  reordered because when Maree at Ozquilts went to send it the first time she found that the one in stock was damaged.

Can't wait to design my next appliqué quilt with this, there are holes in the corners where you can string thread through so that you can line up your appliqué templates.  I see another sampler in the making this time appliqué blocks.  

I'm looking forward to a planned sewing day with the girls next weekend, can't wait.