13 February 2016

Working on Borders

I have been less apathetic about finishing the borders on Flowers for Alison, I think it is because I see the end in sight and I really am enjoying figuring out what to do.

I have added a small cream writing border and then a 12 ½" border of black script fabric to the outside.  As I needed to mitre the corners I underestimated how much border fabric I needed so there are quite a few joins in one of the borders but I don't think you can really tell as it hides pretty well in the print and I will use appliqué to cover where it looks obvious.

The finished quilt will be 220 cm square which will fit nicely on my queen size bed.  Haven't made a quilt this big for quite some time but I am looking forward to the challenge of machine quilting it, but I think I have a few more hours of appliqué before we need to jump through that hoop.

I am also going to have to work out how I am going to photograph it when it is finished.

01 February 2016

Flowers for Alison Block 7

Here is the final block for Flowers for Alison head over to the BOM Page to download.  Now this one is my all time favourite for the quilt.  

I will start working on a border option for you next month.  However you may decide to just leave the quilt as is it us up to you.  I am thinking of doing a wide border and I will use the templates from the various blocks to fill the area.  

Here is the finished quilt centre.  I'll let you know when the border option is ready so stay tuned.  

Remember if you want to join in now you can purchase all the patterns from my Etsy shop.  

24 January 2016

I'm Still Here

I know the blog has been quiet, but I am working on the last block for Flowers for Alison.  Sewing time has been interrupted by the heat we have experienced here yuck and the need for take up Mo's school uniform as they are just miles too long and I'm not making her go to school with her uniform around her ankle like my Mum made me.  Its still very much regulation length.

Flowers for Alison's final block will be up the first week in February i'll aim for the end of next weekend if I can.

Catch you then.

10 January 2016

Last Official Day of Holidays

My holidays have come to and end, I return to work on Monday.  Its seems like I haven't been to work in an age.  I have had lots of rest but have had a migraine for the last couple of days which has been a big pain in the backside luckily it has eased off and I can now sew more consistently.

I have been using my time to cut into my stash of liberty fabric.  I have been wanting to do something with them for some time but deciding on just what was becoming an issue.  Looking at the filler blocks in the BOM I decided that I really liked the Ohio Star Blocks but want to put them on point so I have decided to combine four 6" blocks to make a 12" block and put these on point.  The idea is to make a quilt big enough for our queen size bed.  We will have to see how willing I am once this first lot of chain piecing is finished and how many blocks I can make out of all that I have cut.  I have plenty of background fabric so that is not an issue just if I have it in me to do 35 blocks necessary to complete a queen size quilt.

Earlier this week I posted a free pattern on Quilting Focus so if you are looking for a quick easy quilt to complete head on over and download the instructions.

I think it will be a while before the above quilt is in any state to show progress pictures.

Catch you next time.

01 January 2016

Happy New Year - Flowers for Alison Block 6

There has been a lot of internal debate about where I was heading with block 6. Firstly what happened is I made one two many churndash blocks when I put them where they were supposed to go I kinda liked look of the pieced blocks at the bottom of block 1.

Then I made the appliqué block and put it up against the other blocks where it was supposed to go and I just didn't like it, I think it was to do with the fact that this block doesn't have a pieced border.    So I scraped the block, but I will give you the pattern anyway so if you want to put it in you can or you can just make it to go on the back of the quilt if you like as part of your label.

I have also given you the details of how to put the top 2/3rd's of the quilt together.  There is one block to go and the centre of the quilt is finished.

So head on over to the BOM page and download this months instalment.   

30 December 2015

The Year that Was

The year started with a bang with me designing 3 quilts and finishing 4 in the first 2 months.  I sent of the first of 2 quilts to Handmade magazine and another just a couple of months later.  The first was published in July of this year and the 2nd is not due to be published for another 3 months.  I don't think I will be pushing to have a quilt published again.

Maestro entered Year 9 and Mo started her final year of primary school.

I taught 2 terms of Beginners classes at Patchwork by Sea and totally enjoyed the interaction with new quilters.

In June I travelled to Brisbane for work to learn how they ran a paperless office and decide how we would implement it in Adelaide.

In July I started my Flowers for Alison free bom and many people have joined in and downloaded my patterns.  I don't know how many have actually started but I can see the finish line and the pieces are looking magnificent on the design wall in my sewing room (fire trap as my husband refers to it).

I did two wonderful classes this year in July and August with Jen Kingwell (one of Jen's Quilt is below) and Wendy Williams at a time when I really had to drag myself out of bed each day.

In September I was diagnosed with depression and have been on some medication that has helped me pick up the pieces.  

The sewing Mojo has been really unsteady over the last 6 months and Flowers for Alison has been a real load stone but we are getting there and I am now in the border planning stage in my head.   though I have 1 and half more blocks to hand appliqué.

We had a wonderful family holiday in Cairns, and I'd love to return maybe just with DH. It was the best family holiday we have ever had, wether it was the meds that made me mellow or just the fact that it was only short and nobody had time to get tired and irritable except Maestro, I don't know but it worked. We saw the reef, the rainforest, birds and crocodiles and relaxed.

Before we left I was contacted by the webmaster of Quilting Focus a New Zealand based web site to see if I would like to be a guest contributor.  This has turned into a weekly gig with an article by yours truly being posted once a week.

Maestro and Mo both received great end of year reports, and Mo is readying for the big change of Highschool next year.

Maestro received the top grade in his class for his year long research project and I was able to see his final presentation to the panel in the last week of school and it was amazing.  I don't know where he gets it from as both his father and I are not public speakers.  His topic was Comedy in Film and he did a fantastic job all year to get the work done, in between playing copious amounts of computer games grrrr.

Mo's Silent Film was award peoples choice at the International Silent Film viewing in Adelaide in October and we attended her primary school graduation in December.  She also had braces put on her teeth the week before Xmas and she has adjusted to them better than Maestro did when he first had them on.    We haven't once had to tell her to go and brush her teeth or put in the mouth guard that she needs to wear at night.  We also found out that she is going to stay tiny,  as one of the things they tell you is your height when you have braces and she is only going to reach 156cm which she is a little disappointed about as she was hoping to be taller than me but that isn't to be.

In December DH and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We have never taken the time to do this but we made an effort this year and took some us time and I think it was good for us to have a bit of time for ourselves.

My yearly trip to Melbourne for work Xmas has come and gone, and Xmas day is just a blur now, I've not done much on my first week of holidays and been sleeping in and reading and generally relaxing.

My MIL is slowly slipping with dementia and my BIL is struggling to cope as he needs to be with her most days to ensure that she takes her tablets when she needs to.  We are going to have to make some decisions for them soon and I feel 2016 may be a hard year for them.

I have nothing quilting wise planned for 2016 other than finish Flowers for Alison. No classes scheduled and no project deadlines I think I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

This months blocks are finished and I have enough to put the first 2/3rd of the quilt together however I might not put the tiny appliqué block that I have just completed in the quilt and do another filler block to fill the place that is left, and give you the choice of what to do.

Well that is the year that was.  I'll see you next year with the pattern for the next blocks.

23 December 2015

Last Day of Work for the Year

Headed to Melbourne for the work Xmas Show last week.  I was hoping the escape the heat but Melbourne had similar temps to Adelaide.  This year we had drinks on the rooftop after our lunch at a Peruvian Restaurant.  The temperature dropped as the afternoon wore on and it was quite pleasant 22 floors up with a lovely breeze and the view of the Yarra.

I stayed a couple of doors up from our Building so there wasn't far to head back to my room for the evening which was a good thing because I was pretty merry by the end of the night.  The stayers headed out for Karaoke  really glad I missed that part.

Managed a quick visit to L'uccello before going to lunch  as I decided not to include a day of shopping this year which was a good thing because I was really tired Saturday, and was happy just to have breakfast then head out to the airport and head home.  

Work finished for me today for the year and I am looking forward to 2 weeks of doing as little as possible... well a little bit of sewing might be done, I have started the small appliqué block and have a few pieced blocks to be made by the end of the month for the BOM.