27 August 2015

Workshop with the Amazing Wendy Williams

You all know that I am a bit of an embroidery freak so I have been looking forward to the workshop with Wendy Williams since I booked a place, though I was feeling a bit off Saturday morning, luckily I made my self go and got over it within an hour as I got emersed in Wendy's Quilts.

First we received a talk by Kathy Doughty about colour and inspiration then on to 2 full days of Wool Felt instruction with Wendy and I think I have finally mastered colonial knots.  Luckily I photographed them step by step so I can go back to the pictures later.  There was lots of other Wendy specific embroidery stitches and lots and lots of eye candy on show.

I was very tired by the end of the weekend but had an amazing time.

I have included a few detailed shots of Around the Garden above later in the post the detail is spectacular.  

20 August 2015


I haven't been myself recently, generally unwell and out of sorts with everything.  Dr has me on a course of B12 injections which will hopefully get me out of this funk.  Dr says it will take about 4 weeks for the injections to start to take effect.

It has meant I'm ignoring social media, blogs, my blog, pinterest, I haven't read the paper in over 3 weeks and seen the news in that length of time.  I have been doing a lot of reading and generally trying to escape into my head.  

The sewing mojo has vacated the premises however I did make myself do the next block which you will see below.  I think this is my favourite block of the whole quilt, but that might change.  I was going to do two pieced blocks but I don't think I will be able to so you will only get one this month.

This week is Wendy Williams at Hetties which I have been looking forward to for months and at this point I am going to have to make myself go.

DH has made me book a holiday in October, and I have found the perfect place for Coco to stay while we are gone, so we are heading North to some sunshine soon.

So please forgive my absence i'm just taking a rest from the outside world for a bit.

01 August 2015

Flowers for Alison Block 2

This month there is some appliqué and some more piecing.  You will be making 6" finished Churndash blocks and 6" finished Ohio stars.  The churn dash blocks will eventually border the Flame Flower Block but not this month so just put all the blocks aside for now.  

Please note that the pattern for Machine appliqué and needle turn appliqué are the same this month.

30 July 2015

I'm Published - Footprints in the Sand

During the Christmas School Holidays I worked on a quilt for Handmade Magazine.  In February it was shipped off and it has been a long 6 months or so waiting for the magazine to be published.

My subscription copy of Handmade Vol 33 12 arrived on Tuesday and I opened it to page 28 to see a fantastic photo of the quilt and the instructions that I worked on all those months ago.

Here is a photo I took of the quilt before it was sent off.

23 July 2015

Reminder to Download Month 1 of Flower for Alison it expires 1 August.

Just a reminder that you have just over a week to download the first month's pattern for Flowers for Alison.  Get all the information here and download the patterns for month 1.   If you miss out you can still purchase the patterns for each expired month from my Etsy shop after 1 August.

Here is month 2 and there will be some filler blocks to piece as well.  

20 July 2015

Jen Kingwell Class at Hetties

What an amazing weekend.  Love the class, love the quilts which look so much more in real life than on a pattern or in the book and it was just a great relaxed and informative class.

Jen is my type of quilter and teacher.  She uses lots of fabric in her quilts and doesn't sweat the small stuff... something I am learning to do ... and she is happy to give all her secrets in class  and doesn't worry if her students still do it their way ... which I did with appliqué because I've tried her method and it doesn't work for me but there was still a lots more to learn.

Over the 2 days we picked up lots of tips for hand stitching, appliqué, quilting and putting the quilt together, far more than I thought I would.

Here are her quilts that were on display during the weekend, just amazing.  I may just have come away with a few patterns to add to the todo list.

10 July 2015

On the mend but still not right

Last week the whole family came down one by one with a flue type bug, it included 2 to 3 days of high fever and then progressed into head or chest colds.  DH and myself have taken longer to recover from this wonderful bug than the kids and in fact there were a couple of days that they sort of had to fend for themselves.   I can't say that I am 100% over it judging by a trip to the city yesterday for a dentist appointment for squid that left me exhausted and needing to go to bed at 8.30.  I also managed to sleep in and be late for work today.  Just really over feeling BLAH.  I headed to the chemist to get some probiotics to try and help my gut which I think is causing the majority of the BLAH feelings.

There has been some sewing done and the appliqué section of block 2 is now complete, I just need to decide how many filler blocks to include which will depend on how much sewing I do this weekend.  Next weekend is the Jen Kingwell Workshop so no sewing will be done on my BOM and most of next week will be taken up with School Holiday activities that the kids have missed out on this week due to us all feeling poorly.  

If you have any progress photo's of the Block 1 send them to me or share a link I'd love to see them.  And if anyone has any questions please let me know.  So far the youtube video has been a bit of a miss but we will get there eventually.  I did tried some video's last weekend but I couldn't talk and all the sound was of me heavy breathing which just sounded too creepy.