15 January 2017

Block 6 Celtic Tree of Life

Here are the blue banded bees all finished and the pattern can be downloaded from the Celtic Tree of Life Page.

Next months pattern may be a little late, I will be working on the centre tree block which is going to be pretty large and the tricky bit is going to be preparing the templates for you.  It will probably incorporate some of the critter templates already shared and I see a few different variations of them as well coming into play.

Follow my instagram feed and Facebook page and I will keep you up to date on progress.  Once the centre block is done I will have a bitter idea how the quilt setting will finish up.

10 January 2017


Of course I have been doing lots of reading over the break.  Before kids, I use to read books on my own never talking about the books I read because lets face it I read Sci Fi Fantasy books and nobody in my circle read much or read these types of book, others just look at you weird.   I now read lots of different types of books, lots of romance,  Sci fi Fantasy,  paranomal, the occasional thriller, classics and historical fiction, but I have never been involved in a book club.

I'm actually quite an introvert so a face to face book club is probably way out of my comfort zone.  However since discovering reading again, with new genres and new authors and now reading with the added connection of social media and all the lovely links that you find in the back of ebooks you can actually interact with authors like never before and as an extension of that join reading groups online which is pretty fun.

One of my favourite author's reading group (Penny Reid)  started reading one of her novels today.  I've read the book a couple of times so its no biggy if I don't read along but its fun to interact with other readers give your opinion.  Of course there is no obligation to say anything and you can just read all the feedback and how others view the various characters if you want.

Some of the groups are reading groups and only open up to discussion when they are going through the book, like Penny's.  Others are for a specific type of genre or just one author's books with lots of discussions about all their books with read alongs thrown in along the way.  

I'm in a one dedicated to a group of male romance authors which is a lot of fun they have video read alongs every week and various video discussions.  Only problem is I am usually at work when these are on and some get a it naughty so probably not good at work listening.  A couple of the authors get a bit excited when reverse sexism comes up in the press, or stuff about indie writers not being proper authors etc so you get the occasional rant which is fair enough as it is the way they make a living.   But the guys are great writers and they can write from both the female and male perspective and their books cover a broad range of genre's and subtypes and they constantly interact with their readers.

Another great thing about following authors is that they all support each other, cheer each other on and promote and share good books they have read freely, introducing you to new authors along the way.

So it isn't hard to understand that my TBR list is a bit out of control at the moment and doesn't show any sign of getting any smaller in the near future.


09 January 2017

First Day Back at Work Mehh

Had to get up this morning while the rest of the family slept in and trudge of to work.  At least it wasn't quite the disaster I was expecting mainly because the boss is still on leave and he must of had his phone off today... maybe his wife has put the foot down 😡 which I wouldn't blame her in the slightest.

Its been a lovely couple of weeks off with no schedule though the excessive heat at the end of the last week could have not happened.  There was some mild nagging from DH to plan something for each and every day which I quietly resisted, but we did end up doing stuff even if it was just a walk on the beach, movies, walk down and up Mt Lofty.   On the Mt Lofty trip I  failed miserably and had to turn back, however the other 3 managed it.  DH looked a bit worse for wear and has sworn never to attempt it again but  Mo did't even look like she broke a sweat (we have decided she is a machine).

Mo is running 5km a day on the treadmill and the vegan experiment is going strong.  She is trying lots of different foods and recipes though shopping with her has become a marathon experience, I'll be glad when she is back at school and just leaves me a list.   She says it is a lot of work to research and ensure she is getting enough protein and she wishes someone can just do it for her but it is keeping her busy in the kitchen and at least she isn't cooking cakes anymore which is helping me.

Sewing has been a bit slow over the break, normally I work on a few projects while I am home but I really just lacked motivation, the heat probably didn't help. Block 6 is nearly finished just have to add antenna's to the bees and she's done.  I think I seriously need my eyes tested as I was really struggling during the day now and reading labels have me wondering if my arms are long enough for me to focus.  Joys of ageing.

31 December 2016

Shop Reorganisation

I have done a bit of reorganisation of my shop site.  I have divided the BOM programs into their own category so that all the patterns for each quilt can be found on the one page.  This should make it easier for you to purchase parts of a particular quilt if you want.

The way I have set it up may be problem as I create more quilts as there is only a limited number of categories but hopefully etsy will have a few more improvements by the time I need more space.  They have been continually improving how the website works and I am glad I took the leap to create an individual website through their tools as I only have to maintain items in etsy and my shop website mirrors what is their.  

A great recent improvement is that you don't have to become a member of etsy now to purchase from my shop site which should be helpful improve sales.  www.seabreezequilts.com.au

So check out the shop and let me know what you think.  Remember tomorrow the final block of Bee Inspired will be taken down and be available for purchase only so download today for free.  

30 December 2016

Post Xmas ARRH

Been in a bit of a post xmas funk, I think I'm just winding down from a busy year, both at work and a bit of stress on the home front with extended family.  DH keeps asking what I want to do each day and I just want to do nothing and go with the flow for this week as least with no plans attached.  He struggles with this concept... I'm struggling with the concept of getting up before 9 this week at least I'll probably have to pull that back next week.  

Christmas evening Grange Beach, this picture doesn't reflect the number of people that were there at 8pm at night.  Behind us towards the Jetty there were lots of family and friends groups having a wonderful time in the cool air.    I don't blame them Xmas day was 40C it was probably high 20's when we hit the beach which was magical.

We had reasonable warning that Xmas day was going to be extreme so we cooked the Turkey outside xmas eve on the WebberQ.  It turned out perfect and there were no complaints about it being dry and we picked a good ham.  DH family can be quite brutal about Xmas lunch... don't get me started on the argument about having a cold lunch and how it isn't trying.  One day someones going to get slapped big time 😈 but the family is dealing with the slow mental decline of my MIL so I will cut them some slack.

My xmas present to myself was a fitbit 2 which I am loving.  I stopped wearing my original fitbit when I battled depression 18 months ago as I was struggling to get out of bed to walk and then the side affects from the meds were a bit full on first thing in the morning and the rest of the time I was just making excuses.  Its taken me a couple of days to get my walking count up but I have managed and exceed the 10,0000 the last 3 days.  And although I was initially scared about the sleep monitoring as I know don't sleep well and rarely sleep a full night I have been surprised how much sleep I am getting... might be a bit different when I have to get out of bed before 9 though.  I'm also increasing my water intake which I know has been a problem recently and its easy to document how much a drink quickly on the app.

DH has been building a gym for the kids over the last 12 months and it is pretty much finished and we installed a treadmill just before xmas and we have all been using it. Them to run me to walk I think it maybe a while before I get up to running (if ever I've never been a runner).  We already had a weights machine from when we first moved in together 25 years ago and its still does the job.

Maestro is building up his left arm and although it is still slightly smaller I think only family would notice now.  It only a couple of weeks until we go back to the surgeon hopefully he will give him the all clear to resume karate.

Mo is running daily and is tinkering with the idea of going vegan for a while.   She was getting a bit of flack from school about how thin she is and the fact that the first thing she does when someone hands her packaged food is reads the label.   DH has voiced his concerns but as I explained to him she does eat 3 meals a day (he and Maestro never have breakfast), she doesn't eat a lot of processed food and she listens to her body.  She knows what excess sugar does to her and since she has been cooking all our meals she now eats a bigger variety of food and tries more stuff.  If we can get her to stop baking cakes we would all be healthier.  I'm hoping exploring the vegan thing will mean she has less time for cake baking.

Fingers crossed with a bit of hard work we will be healthier and fitter in 2017.

19 December 2016

Gearing Up for Xmas

Mo has been taking over the kitchen again, this time to do a cake for my MIL's 87th birthday.  If I had of been home I would have gone a got her a proper cake board for better presentation but it tasted good and looked pretty spectacular.   MIL was only remotely aware that it her birthday but I think she enjoyed the cake.

While I was in Melbourne I took a photo of the window of Hopetoun Tea House.  I usually walk past the line up to get in when I'm in Melbourne at Christmas and never get a good look at the window display.  This time there was no line so I could take a photo.  I sent it to Mo and says maybe she can try and get a job here when she grows up.  I think I would prefer if she just opened her own version in Adelaide than move to Melbourne though.

15 December 2016

Celtic Tree of Life Block 5 ready for download

Head to the Celtic Tree of Life Page for the latest Block download.  If you have missed out on any don't forget you can purchase the blocks from my etsy site at www.seabreezequilts.com.au.

I will need to get my act together over the next few weeks because I plan to start designing the centre block.  As this is the largest block in the quilt it may mean that the lead time may be a bit longer but I will keep you informed as I start working it out.  Once the centre block is designed I can figure out the final two knot blocks and all the fun of how I will put it all together which I have to tell you is pretty much in the air at the moment.

I'm heading to Melbourne tomorrow for work Xmas do.  I will be slotting in a bit of Xmas shopping in the morning and then join the Melbourne office for some serious eating and drinking.