22 July 2014

All good things must come to an end

Today we are back to routine again.  Maestro had a pupil free day yesterday, but Squid went back toschool.  As much as I hate having to go to work when the kids are on holidays at least it makes it a little easier when there isn't that rush to drop them off before heading out.

Friday I knocked off from work and headed to the Sewing Stitching and Craft Show, which had grown exponentially since last year and had quite a good selection of vendors.  I just hope Adeladian's have spent up so more vendors will come next year.  Cheap entry helps and I certainly spent the money I saved on the entry ticket in the show.  I managed to blow my budget pretty quickly because Can Do Books where there and Unique Stitching.  I really wish I had a bit more cash because I really could have picked up a few more mixed media supplies.

I've picked up my applique quilt again now that Xmas in July, which kicks off on friday, is all done.  I got a heap done last night, I seemed to power through the flowers last night.

I also cut out another version of my beginners class quilt evening and pieced half the blocks yesterday.  Bit slower today, my neck and shoulder is playing up... roll on Thursday were I will be have a torture session remedial massage.

The beginners class starts next Tuesday so if you have been toying with the idea of learning how to quilt or would like to brush up on the basics contact Patchwork by Sea there may still be a spot or two.

16 July 2014

Only 9 more sleeps

Apparently there are only 9 more sleeps till the start of QFD Xmas in July.

Lou is continuing with the traditional Bingo competition and there will be a door prize on the first day the only catch is you have to be all signed up before the 25th to be in the running for these two competitions.

Where do I join? I here you ask... Well just follow this link.

The all important bingo words go live tomorrow.  So head on over so you don't miss out on all the fun.

12 July 2014

Busy Busy Busy

It school holiday time, I am enjoying the break from schedule and I managed a couple of sleep in this week.  This morning I finished the last of my Xmas in July projects and they have headed up to Lou so that she and Sarah can work their magic and put the event all together.  The roll off designers is all new apart from me and Cheryl so it is bound to have a fresh new look this year and I am really looking forward to seeing what they all come up with.  There is still the usual chat to meet the designers and competitions so roll on 25th of July.   I have a few sneak peaks on my Facebook page  and if that wets your appetite you can head here to sign up.

Did I mention that I am teaching at Patchwork by Sea.  The projects are all done and I just have to finalise the all important class notes which I will be working on over the next couple of weeks.  The details are:

Raw Edge Appliqué (Tis the Season) is on the 26th of July

Introduction to Patchwork (5 week evening class) commencing 29th July

Needleturn Applique with a choice of 2 projects on 20 September.

You can read all the details on Patchwork by Sea's newsletter which pictures of the projects and contact details for the shop.

I am really excited about this opportunity.

In the next 3 weeks I have to also finish some study for work, that might be next on the list as it is bound to be mighty boring and really just needs to get done.

DH and I both have a day off together next week and we are planning a trip to Monarto Zoo with the kids... we haven't mentioned it yet to them.   It is all dependant on the weather which has pretty bad lately so if the forecast is for rain we won't be attempting it.

I tried to pick up this quilt last night and I had completely lost the plot on where I was going with it, I managed to sew on one leaf and thought I had better stop and have a look at notes and templates that I have abandoned for the last few weeks.

Its quiet here at the moment squid has a friend over and the boys have headed out to visit my MIL probably a good opportunity to get on with the TODO list.

03 July 2014

Photo Bombing Birds

The stars were aligned, the quilt was finished and today's forecast was for sun.  Adelaide has been in gloom for 2 weeks.  Today was the day for a photo shoot.... I just had a problem or two with the local wild life.

First there was this waterfowl who got in on the act.  Then this Murray Magpie walked straight over the quilt with me less than 2 feet away.  Just glad he didn't decide to christen the quilt on the way over.

I then headed to the beach but it was blowing a gale and the shots there really weren't that good.

Project 1 is all finished and has been sent to Quilt Fabric Delight headquarters to get ready for Xmas in July which is only a few short weeks away.

I'm hoping to put the final 2 projects together over the weekend.  Maestro is out with an ankle injury but I think we are required to head to footy on Sunday but we only have to go in one direction for tennis on Saturday if it isn't cancelled because of rain.

26 June 2014

A Cancellation

I got a text message this morning and my remedial massage was cancelled due to Lucy being sick, which on one hand was good it freed up an extra hour, but I really needed the massage.  Probably going to need it more next week after stitching most of the afternoon and plan to quilt a quilt on the weekend.

The quilt top I was waiting for fabric for is now finished.  Just needs a good press, might baste it tomorrow night and get started on the quilting.  The draft pattern is nearly finished just got to type up some changes and send it off to my proofing guru.  Then pray for sunshine to do a photo shoot.  Sneak peak is all you get though.

I am slogging away at Project No 3 there is a few more night's of hand stitching in that one.

My sugar free change is going well I'm not craving sugary stuff and haven't caved to it at all which for me is amazing.  Squid is being pretty darn good.  She had a party on the weekend and I let her indulge in some lollies and she did bring home some chocolate cake but couldn't eat more than a couple of bites because it was too sickly so I count that as a victory.  The men in the house are boycotting the sugar free as much as they can.  But I haven't bought ice-cream in weeks which is killing my hubby.  I've basically told him to suck it up as we all can't weigh the same as we did in high school like he does.  I've allowed him to have a few goodies on the side and Maestro as well but they are not to eat them in front of squid.    

Picked up the Pete Evans, Healthy Every Day Cookbook today.     He follows a Paleo diet, which is sugar free so I will be doing some reading tonight and there is a desert section.  Though so far haven't found a desert that the sugar nuts are happy with.  

22 June 2014

A little bit of progress but lots of waiting for the postie

The day job has been a bit manic, and I have a bit on with Seabreeze at the moment.

I have been stuck on the design for Project 3 for Xmas in July.  What I wanted to do was in my head but I just couldn't get it to look how it was supposed to.   Then I saw a post from one of the pages I follow which has to do with Art Journaling and I got inspired.  The problem was I was trying to get it perfect where I needed to just do it more free form and it worked.  Now I have a LOT of hand stitching to do but the bit I have done so far is looking like it does in my head.

Project 1 is at a stand still as Australia Post has decided to send the extra fabric by road instead of by plane.  Has anyone ever tried to get customer service from Australia Post lately.  There is no phone number on the website, you can only fill in a form and when you do they say they reply in 2 business days, then they send you an email saying they have more than usual demand for customer service so it will be longer.  So I went into a post office Friday, and they can't help me you have to ring customer service at least they had the phone number... What a Joke.... so half an hour later on hold to be told that it is in transit and will take at least 5 days.  Didn't help that I needed fabric on the weekend.

My stress levels have been up this week, probably because I haven't been walking.  Cold air make me bark like a dog at the moment and as I managed to put my back out with a coughing fit this week I decided not to tempt it.  This morning the sun was shining so I headed out once the sun came up.  It was still freezing cold though.  By the time I came home though the weather had turned but at least it didn't rain for footy.

12 June 2014

Gotta Love a Long Weekend

Mine was made a bit longer as I found out when I went to see Squids teacher on Friday to pick up some homework for her that they were having a Pupil Free day on Tuesday.  So I hastily arranged an annual leave day.  I'd arranged to look after one of Squid's friend's and we were planning either a trip to one of local pools or the market which were 2 places high on the agenda for Squid.  As she was still coughing and I'd caught the bug over the weekend I said we would go to town and the market and get out in the fresh air.

Apparently there was a problem with the trams and they were really packed so we ended getting off at the Mall and walking to the Market, which meant the kids got to have a bit of a play in Victoria Square.... got to say I don't really think much of the redo, maybe in a couple of years when the trees have grown it might be more inviting but I really miss the shady trees that use to be there.  But Squid was happy because there was water to play with.  There is also a sand pit, but I really don't think playing with that would be a good idea.

We had a lovely day, walked heaps and had a bit of fun walking through the city, and waiting for trams.

I thought that I was over the worst of the bug but that wasn't to be and it turned into a full on head cold.  So glad I took an annual leave day and didn't swap days as I would have been a basket case today at work.

Seabreeze wise it looks like things are ramping up, have a few projects that need to be done in the next couple of weeks and lots of notes to write for classes.  Really hoping to get started on a couple of things this weekend if Mr Australia Post delivers on time.

For tonight I think I'm heading to bed early again, because I really need to get to work tomorrow, hopefully the boss will be out on appointments most of day... better take the Glen 20 with me.